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 Woods of Cardonicus Market Info

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PostSubject: Woods of Cardonicus Market Info   Woods of Cardonicus Market Info Icon_minitimeSun Oct 12, 2008 2:20 pm

Woods of Cardonicus Market Information

Welcome to the Woods of Cardonicus Market, we thank you for your continued support. If youre new, thanks for considering us to sell your products, please know we always welcome new vendors.

Please read this information over carefully before you rent.

*** Questions? Contact Us: ***
Laylah Rives
Conny Bachem
Samantha026 Allen
Courgan Barzane
Jaxon Law

1. Select a nice stall to your liking.
2. Pay the rent on your box.
3. To place your objects you must be member of the Fields of Cardonicus group.
Please contact one of the following people for an invite:
- Laylah Rives
- Courgan Barzane
- Conny Bachem
- Samantha026 Allen
- Jaxon Law
4. Now youre ready to place your objects and sell!
5. Dont forget to pickup the LM!

*** LANDMARK ***
Woods of Cardonicus Market

1) Rent varies on the stall as follows
a) All regular stalls are $200L a week with 25 prims
b) Double stalls are $300L a week with 40 prims (waiting list available for those who want)
c) Stores are $500L a week with 100 prims (waiting list available for those who want)
d) Wall Spaces are $100L a week with 15 prims (nothing on floor)
e) Advertising boards are $25L a week
2) Keep your items within your rented space or they will be returned without warning;
3) If you are behind on your rent, then rental box will show and your space will be available for another renter;
4) Any rent paid will not be refunded if you decide to remove your items and cease to rent furthermore;
5) Any changes in the market which will impact your rental space may be subject to a rental credit which is on the sole discretion of Fields of Cardonicus Market owners. You will be given a notice and then an update if applicable.
6) Rent sharing is permitted; however, the name listed on the rental box is responsible for the rental space;
7) If you wish to transfer the rental information into another person's name, contact Laylah Rives;
Cool If you are over your permitted prims, objects will be returned to reduce within prim allowance;
9) *NO HOVER TEXT* on your vendors or items permitted!! If you have hover text on your items, they WILL BE returned without warning. Hover text 'bleeds' into the next stall and probits that person to use their rented space appropriately. If you have any questions about hover text, contact miranda Ashby;
10) *NO SCRIPTED ITEMS*; which means objects such as animated textures, fire, water or sound sources which are contstantly running. This will add unwanted and unnecessary script load to the sim. Your items WILL BE returned without warning.

*** Combining Stalls ***
Yes you can!! Smile, and yes walls can be removed for you.
If you wish to join 2 stalls together contact Laylah Rives.
Rents WILL NOT be prorated or adjusted to form a new rental price. If you wish to join 2 stalls together (for example), you will pay $200L per stall and have 25P allowance per stall which totals $400L and 50P a week for your total rental space.

*** Rental box spam ***
The rental box will send out THREE (3) notices.
1) When you have 3 days left of your paid rent.
2) When you are due for your rent.
3) When you are PAST due for your rent. Once the sign changes to 'Past Due' your space will be cleared out and made available for someone to rent.

Kinds regards,
Laylah Rives

Visit us again!
Woods of Cardonicus Market
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Woods of Cardonicus Market Info
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