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 She Urts on the woods of cardonicus..

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She Urts on the woods of cardonicus.. Empty
PostSubject: She Urts on the woods of cardonicus..   She Urts on the woods of cardonicus.. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2008 11:32 pm

She urts will be living on the docks the Woods of Cardonicus. They are poor, but free....down on their luck. They live in rags, can't afford clothing, and will beg. We see no reason to forbid them from city as of now, but for only short bouts to scavenge for food in out of way places. She urts of course...would not engage in conversations, or loiter in cities. They may attempt to sell sex for a pittance, but any takers should note their rather foul smell, and possibly catching any illnesses the she urts may have incurred due to their poor living conditions.

SLAVES: It is unknown if a slave would have kneeled to a she urt. Most likely not. Slaves may walk pass is highly unlikely a slave would stop and converse with them as well. She urts are still free...while slaves are not. So you must be respectful, but in their RP, they simply would not bother with each other.

FREEMEN: Please remember to Roleplay correctly with them and not see them as potential slaves. When...if..their numbers become plenty...perhaps they'll be rounded up. Read the following quotes and let's watch how this role evolves here.

They may sell from time to time a paper of the the cities events, or other goods for their survival. Some flesh will be exposed, as they live in rags, and would not be able to afford fine gowns, robes or veils.

If interested in this role, contact Laylah Rives for information.

She-urt quotes:

"I stopped on the walkway. Ahead, some yards, was a girl dark-haired, lying on her belly on the walkway, reaching with her hand down to the canal, to fish out edible garbage. She was barefoot, and wore a brief, brown rag. I did not think she was a slave. Some free girls, runaways, vagabonds, girls of no family or position, live about port cities, scavenging as they can, begging, stealing, sleeping at night in crates and under bridges and piers. They are called the she-urts of the wharves. Every once in a while there is a move to have them rounded up and collared but it seldom comes to anything." EXPLORERS OF GOR-, Page 47

"I was bewildered, and confused and miserable. I did not know if I had eluded the sleen or not. I did not know what to do. I was afraid to return to the agency and afraid not to return to it. My trails would presumably be particularly rich and numerous in that vicinity. Certainly I left that building in the morning and returned to it in the evening. On the other hand, if I did not return to it, I did not know, then, what I should do. I could not leave the city and, if I remained within it, it seemed obvious that I must be apprehended, if not by the sleen then by free citizens, probably guardsmen. I did not think it would be difficult for them to do so. I would stand out. I was garbed as what I was, a slave, and my collar, which I could not remove, clearly identified me. Indeed, as soon as it became dark I would become suspect as a runaway slave. Slave girls, with the exception of coin girls, lure girls for taverns, and such, are generally not permitted to walk unaccompanied about the streets of a city after dark. I did not have the common garb of such slaves, such as the bell and coin box chained about my neck, of the coin girl, or the tavern silk, with its advertising, of a tavern's lure girl. My absence from my kennel would presumably be reported by midnight, the twentieth hour of the Gorean day. By morning guardsmen would be alerted to be on the lookout for me. How, too, could I live in the city? I might try to live by begging and scavenging garbage for a time as do those vagrant free women sometimes called she-urts, but I being collared, could never pass for one. The she-urts often wear tunics almost as short as those of slaves. This is supposedly to make it easier for them to flee from guardsmen. On the other hand the guardsman usually ignore them. Sometimes they will catch one and bind her helplessly, just to let her know that she can be caught, if men wish. These she-urts have their gangs and territories. I had little doubt but what they might set upon me and bind me, and turn me over to guardsmen, hoping for some small reward. I, being a slave, could hope for no mercy from them. They would hate and despise me. As low as they might be they were a thousand times higher than I. They were free women. Once or twice a year, particularly when there are complaints, or they are becoming nuisances, many of them will be rounded up and taken before a praetor. Their sentence is almost invariably slavery. Interestingly, once branded and in the collar, and knowing themselves helpless and under suitable male discipline, it is said they become joyful and content. It is almost as if they had adopted their mode of life and slavelike costumes because, in some part of themselves, perhaps some deep, hidden part, they were begging men to take them and make them slaves. They thought they hated men but they were, in fact, only begging to be put at their feet. " KAJIRA OF GOR-, Pages 316-317
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She Urts on the woods of cardonicus..
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