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 SLAVE RULES of the Woods of Cardonicus

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SLAVE RULES of the Woods of Cardonicus Empty
PostSubject: SLAVE RULES of the Woods of Cardonicus   SLAVE RULES of the Woods of Cardonicus Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 11:59 am

SLAVE RULES of the Woods of Cardonicus

You have chosen to play a slave on the planet Gor.

- Slaves are not subs.

- They are not princesses to be worshipped. We are not a pit stop for chicks looking for boyfriends.

- They serve their Master first...and ALL free after. If your Master is absent, you will follow the rules of other free. If that bothers you and your owner, stay caged or within his house.

- Sex is like breathing on Gor. Slaves are used everywhere and often on this sim. If this shocks you, Gor isn't for you.

- Gorean slave submission is actually rare and not generally done.
It's awfully romantic *rolls eyes* Masters choose slaves. Not the other way around.

** For a sub/BDSM slave, it is a gift to give yourself to your Master. On Gor, it is your Masters gift of ownership.**

Yes, you will love your Master/Mistress. Yes, you will feel jealous, possessive. Those are natural human emotions.
Yes., he/she will have more slaves, or companion to another Free. If you can't handle this,..leave gorean RP and seek a more BDSM lifestyle. Any drama resulting from jealousy...or whining because of lack of attention, is not tolerated.

-- Applies to ALL slaves living and VISTING the Woods of Cardonicus

1. DISCIPLINE: Serve All Gorean Freemen/Freewoman as if your well being depends on does. Be RESPECTFUL!


All Gorean free persons have the right to displine you. If they scar or kill you...they will owe your Master compensation. Whether or not compensation should be awarded, and in what amount, will be decided by a city Magistrate if the parties can't agree amicably . You are property. You own nothing. If it pleases a Fw to kick you as she passes...or smile at you is her right. She is are not. If you can't deal with are not a gorean slave...leave Gor.

If Owners can not deal with this, then you are both invited to GO ELSEWHERE!

2. -Slaves NEVER nod or say okay to a Free Person. It is ALWAYS "yes Master". Slaves DO NOT abbreviate or use smilies (example: lmao, lol, brb, afk, Smile , Very Happy ) Slaves are expressive and emotional...a smiley or abbreviation does not do justice to the emotion that is being represented by the shortcut.

3. All Freepersons are to be addressed as either Master or Mistress. Slaves may never address a free by their name.
Do NOT confuse this with using the name of a free. Slaves in books DID speak names of free when asked. They simply did NOT address a free BY their name.

Master: Do you know that man?
Slave: Yes Master
Master: What is his name?
Slave: Joe Blow, Master

4. While a Freeperson may not always be right, they are, by definition, never WRONG. Hold your tongue and keep your opinion to yourself, IC and OOC.

- Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement...the words
"Yes, Master"

5. RESTRICTIONS: Restriction is not something used in books. Men generally asked permission to use anothers slave, but on occasion didn't. They are slaves, afterall.

For the sake of preventing drama, slaves MAY be restricted sexually only. They MAY NOT be restricted to serve, dance, clean, be captured, disiplined, etc. IF owners do not want slaves doing this...lock them up in cages. Don't permit them to leave their owners houses. An idle slave can and will be expected to be a gorean slave and follow RP.

6. How to sit?
It is the custom of this city for slaves to nadu vs. bracelet. We are not Thentis, we do not sit with our hands behind our backs, for a slave may be hiding something! Her hands are always present in the front placed on her thighs. IF your slave is in bracelets, we assumed she is being punished, and is bound! Tower slaves tower. Simple enough.

7. IDLE: When you are not pleasing free persons....don't be idle. Write your dances...practice your serves...write a story to tell later...give tours...learn an instrument, hang laundry, etc.

8. PERMISSION To ENTER: You are not required to beg permission in places you are supposed to be in such as the tavern or the kennel. We do not karta here...Karta is not in the books it is yet another onlinesm. However, when entering a private home or such, you should beg permission to enter. And NEVER enter a private residence unless you are given permission from the owner.

9. GREETING: Some Masters prefer you beg to greet. Some think a waste of their time to bothered with it. Follow the preferences of your owner. But be aware: when you first alert. Is the air tense?...then you should refrain from speaking. Is the atmosphere light?....then greet cautiously. Are the Free speaking? Then do not interrupt. You will be ackowledged. Don't seek to be center of attention, or it may be the kind of attention you may not have intended.

New to laws: **
In addition, in the Woods of Cardonicus: Slaves are only required to ask to enter city. When outside and if on task, they may pass Free without stopping. A simple emote as you pass to let them know you mean no rudeness: example

**Baleigh Garden keeps her head lowered as she passes the free on task by her owner. Her steps light, she seeks to finish those tasks quickly. **

You are in service to another free...get it done. Free...don't give a slave a hard time cause whe was told to fetch something, and she walks past you. She means no disrespect

10. SERVING in the Woods of Cardonicus: We are a relaxed atmosphere. If the tavern is full, do your basic serves...get to all free...and put aside the flowery language. Think of a real situation...four men sitting around waiting to be you really think they care if your thighs glisten with dew? In SL, we have the luxury of graphics, and can see you on your way to kitchen. We don't always need to know every specific movement. Repeat the serve...get the vessel..clean it...pour it...and serve it. Move to next. If a Free man is alone...then take your fifteen minutes of fame and impress him with the gentle curve of your body, and the oh so delicate way your fingers caress his goblet.

DANCING: Slaves will dance in tavern when men are seated. You do not have to wow us with your latest story dance...just get up and move. Just an occasional emote of how you are feeling will do...etc. Story dances will be reserved for special occasions or is specifically requested by a Free.

If you see a panther, you do not kneel to her. You do not stop to speak with her. To do so is conspiring with a woman who is running from the collar. If you see can be assumed she is there not to make friends. So you will run...and hide. You do not stop if she says stop. As you may say...panther...! you may scream...just do try to avoid her. If a skilled panther does for some reason capture you, you may try to escape, you may fight back. Just above all, stay in character and keep it realistic.

12. If you have ISSUES or a PROBLEM, DO NOT contact the Ubar, Captain, Lt., etc... or any other Free Person who you think may have some sort of authority in the city. Slave issues will be handled by the first and second girls, as slave squabbles are of no concern to the Free. If it is an issue the first girl cannot handle, they will bring it directly to the appropriate channel. Contacting a Free and bothering them with petty slave quarrels will lead to punishment.

13. CAPTURED slaves:
The institution of capture is universal, to the best of my knowledge, on Gor; there is no city which does not honor it, provided females captured are those of the enemy, either their free women or their slaves.
{Assassin of Gor - 159}

In other words, if your profiles says no capture, or Owners you are that seriously possessive, keep her locked in a cage then. You are required to rp the captures if you are out and about and they happen.

14. RUNNING AWAY: You may be hunted on any Gorean sim by your owner, or someone they hired. For the first offense, you will be beaten publicly. The penalty for a second offense is death.

15. SUICIDE: A troubling trend is suicide. Putting on a ghost title expecting to reappear again, because you don't like the Role play. If you do a face plant off a side of a are dead to our city. Permanently. You are not welcomed back.

16. RP'G ETTIQUITTE: Do not tp from public surroundings. Use your masters house...the docks, privately out of walls..just dont' do in a crowd. Looks bad.

17. WEAPONS: Female slaves do not ever touch weapons on the Woods of Cardonicus. If in your Masters home he has you clean under his supervision..that is one thing. The village of the Woods of Cardonicus does not allow female slaves to touch weapons, the arena included. Fighting male slaves may only handle within arena only, and must never leave the center with a weapon or one showing.

With all this said and done, these rules were thought out and planned for two reasons. One..most are of course the rules of a Gorean slave. The others are really for your protection. So that you can enjoy your role, come knowing the expectations and enjoy the city even when your Master is not present and be a part of the on going role play. The second and third girls here are specifically designated to train in certain areas all slaves of the Woods of Cardonicus us.

Heirarchy and duty of girls in the Woods of Cardonicus

"For example, in a group of female slaves, for example, in a pleasure gardens, a fortress or a tavern, there will usually be a girl appointed First Girl. Indeed, if there is a large number of slaves, there are sometimes hierarchies of 'first girls', lower-level first girls reporting to higher-level first girls, and so on. The lower-level slaves will commonly address their first girl as ?Mistress.?
~Magicians of Gor, page 123~

1st Girl:
Her responsibility lies in making sure all slaves are pleasing. ALL, including VISITING & Privately owned SLAVES!! (since there are no city slaves) will refer to the First Girl as "Mistress". The First girl is the 1st girl to Ubar. She will be in close contact with her 2nd and 3rd girls to make sure all is well. She will correct any slave if she see's error...and will praise when a job is exceptional. She has the right to punish in the absence of a slaves' Master if the slave errs, this is to prevent slaves from misbehaving when their Masters are away. She must correct a slave for blatant errors, even in presence of other Free! Or she herself can be punished.

2nd Girl
Responsibility is records keeping of the houses. She may corrrect other girls owned in city so they are better gorean slaves, and to perhaps even spare them punishment.

3rd Girl
Trains any girl of city who asks for help or her owner. Any girl who is learning is definitely encouraged to seek her out. She WILL correct in IM all RP and gorean slave errors!! You WILL tell her thank you! If you think she oversteps her bounds, you may IM 1st girl and tell her your complaint.
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SLAVE RULES of the Woods of Cardonicus
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