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 NEW Law of the Woods of Cardonicus (another must read)

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NEW Law of the Woods of Cardonicus (another must read) Empty
PostSubject: NEW Law of the Woods of Cardonicus (another must read)   NEW Law of the Woods of Cardonicus (another must read) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 4:40 pm


Welcome to our Sim. Politeness rules here. Please read these rules carefully (including extended notecards). Ignorance isnt an excuse.

By entering our sim you agree to abide by our rules, and the decisions of the admin/moderator team. By playing on this sim, you CONSENT the right to share chat conversations regarding RP moderation issues where appropriate.

For any problems or general feedback please contact:

Sim Moderators: Conny Bachem, Samantha026 Allen, Jaxon Law, Dani08 Spyker, Mercy Blachere, Amberlight Demonia, Lucius Skinstad, Feliciano Cazenove

Sim Admins: Laylah Rives, Courgan Barzane

If you are from a group/sim that has female fighters (Excluding panthers) Your RP is INVALID.. please dont kidnap slaves, FW etc and take them to a place where there are female fighters.. WE WILL DISCARD IT and tell everybody to TP home...


01. New to Gor? Go and learn about gor here:
If youre a visitor, please use the tag available in the notecard.

02. Moderation - We tolerate no drama or bickering. You may request a mod in IM only, when a moderator rules, then thats final. Complaining about moderation results in ejection, and ban. Calling invalid in open chat will get you banned. Dont call a mod over small issues.Your goal must always be to let the RP continue. Do not disturb rp with petty complaints.

03. Cheats...etc Dont use cheats, spy devices or Sim wide scanners ever, they are very laggy and will get you banned permanently.

04. No jumping, no aiding, no resetting meters, no declining bindings, no birds, no cheats, no nonsense.

05. No OOC, Never use abbreviations like lol, lmao, or smilies or silly gestures, dances or anything thats out of rp. Only MODERATORS may use OOC meter tag, or allow you to go OOC. If you must go OOC...use the market.

06. You must be adult, human form. We do not accept child avatars, nor non human forms. Dress accodringly: Gorean. Playing valid gorean beasts like larls is accepted only after prior consultation with sim owners, but for these, no metered combat is allowed.

07. Teleporting - Tp-ing in or out can only be done from the landing stations. They are a 10min safezone: Once you speak IC at landing point, or step out, you are unsafe. Even if you run back to it, you are not safe
- We have two landing points in sim. Only use the one appropriate for you. "TP to village" brings you to the docks. This will be the entry point for most.
- Panthers and raiders must use the TP labelled "TP to Raids" teleporter. TPing out is allowed only from there

08. Crossing water
To cross the river you need to use bridges, boats or use a legal swimmer. If you don't use a swimmer, we assume you cannot swim but will drown and capped when landing on the waterground. The popular fleeing underwater means autocap. (A legal swimmer must be no faster than a walking person on ground)


10. This sim is by-the-books, it means we require you to know the restrictions of your role, as defined in the books of Gor. If you behave out of character we may simply discard your rp.

11. We dont like godmodding or unrealistic rp. Therefore try to rp as much of your actions as possible.

12. Please dont' raid simply to kill or wreak havoc. Have a goal in mind (slaves, food, treasures, vengeance...etc.) Raids may be declared invalid if not backed up with a good rp goal.

13. Female Outlaws/Mercs are not allowed here. FW may never raid. FW that act aggressively will be collared.

14. Panther tribes can never ally with other groups. Men can never fight alongside with Panthers.

15. RP is always leading over Meter state: If someone rp's binding your hands, but runs off to fight, and your bubble expires. You are bound by your hands.

16. The maximum you may shoot an arrow is 96m. Set your draw distance to 96, will help you to not do by mistake.

17. It is frowned upon to 'raid' or 'steal' from the village or panther camp when no one is there to defend it. We may simply discard the rp. For the rp to be valid there must at least be one person available to counteract, or 'notice' your attempt.



21. Respect the people around you . That means we will not tolerate deliberate swear words or rudeness. We will require you to remain polite at all times...especially towards 'enemies'.

22. We are here to RP. This is a mature group of people, we do not accept OOC complaining, bickering or immaturity whether we win or lose.

23. Deliberately insulting others by means of emotes will get you banned. Dont 'think' or 'observe' insults. Its very annoying since no one can react in rp and results in OOC. It may result in ejection, or a ban.



31. Only legal weapons:
allowed weapons list

Banned (if your weapons isnt on the list it doesnt mean its ALLOWED)
banned weapons list

32. Panthers used spears and bows, and daggers. NO axes, tomahawks, swords, hatches or scimitars or similar tries to get 40% weapons.

33. Free women allowed weapons: Dagger, emoted poisoned needles.

34. Slaves: Slaves may NEVER be used in an attack at all!

For the moment being, slave fighting is fully banished until an agreement has been made on limits to selfdefence.



41. All bindings must be rp-ed by three fully typed lines, taking more than 6 words per line.

45. If the Captor runs off and makes no attempt, or does not make it back in time to emote taking weapons, or binding, etc., you may enter the battle again.

43. You have to rp taking weapons from someone. If you forget they still remain in possesion of all their weapons and can use them for escape.

44. For the sake of argument: if youre searched for hidden and visible weapons and they have been removed, you have to assume that all your weapons have been taken from you. We do not require people to emote removing *every* single weapon.

45. If weapons removed, but not bound: Your weapons do no reappear from thin air, please use logical emotes if you get weapons again.

46. If you leash someone, it must be rp-ed. You cant fight whilst holding a leash. You cant run whilst holding a leash. If you do, your captive is free to assume you dropped the leash and remain behind.

47. Force Collar is permanent here unless you manage to escape or is freed by your captor.


50. RAIDS:

51. If you have a special raid rule to protect your Sim, the same rule must be followed when you wish to raid the Woods of Cardonicus. If you dont want to do that, you can simply attack us and allow us to strike back without any contraints.

52. Please dont' raid simply to kill or wreak havoc. Have a goal in mind (slaves, food, treasures, vengeance...etc.) Raids may be declared invalid if not backed up with a good rp goal.

53. Scaling Walls: You must use three separate lines of rp to use a grapple hook or rope arrow. (That means for those who are confused easily, it's three separate posts folks.)

54. Try to raid with reasonable numbers, there is no fun to be had when you raid with 20 to 1 odds.



61. It is frowned upon to rp your escape when there is no one around. However, your captor may not return for whatever reason. So please try to rp your escape with someone around.

62. You must keep a log and send it to your captor. He/She may challenge the escape and send it to a mod. if the mod rules that the escape is invalid you will have to return.

63. You need at least 5mins of rp to pick a lock of a normal house door and 15 mins of breaking through a big gate or celldoor. You need have a realistic item to pick the lock with.
The normal doors are pickable by alika doorsystem, but that does not prevent you from emoting proper lockpicking as well.

64. Unbinding yourself: Is allowed if done realistically. It will take time: an unbinding in three lines isnt valid, you have to try harder. You cant use your fingers to untie your wrist bindings, as you cant reach them. You will have to find something to work on it. If there is a fire, rp that you burn yourself, as this is most likely to happen. Dont unbind in under 15mins.

65. Rescue time - 60 minutes wait from time of capture or last to fall in battle/raid. If you tp out from the boat or escape via boat, you cannot return until 30 mins after doing so.


70. DEATH:

71. Killing: Death is not allowed before 30 mins of rp with your captive. Not 30 mins in sim... 30 mins with the victim and must have a valid RP reason (no OOC motivated killings)

72. Death is 24hours. Think of what your rp causes. If you drop someone from 400m, you cant suppose they will live through it. However, to make the death valid, it needs to be announced that this is your intention.

73. Not more than one kill per person per 24 hours.

74. Suicide: is frowned upon, you cant use suicide to escape rp, and may result in a 7days ban.

75. Only exception... Qualified Assassins.


80. ROLES:

We expect you to know gor, and to know how your role is played.

- No ridiculous personal limits (like "No death", "30 min no rp im out", "No collaring", "Need permission of my master" ). They wont be valid here.
- Forced Sex: If you are a woman, know 'forced' sex is common on gor. If you have serious issues with this rethink rp Gor. Don't put yourself in a situation that could mess with your mind.

- Panthers are outlaws. They're free, and look down on slaves. Panthers worked in a band, because that way they were stronger.
Thye didnt look at other bands as 'sisters'. If another panther is found and captured within our territory we will ask for trade to hunt here, or we will enslave them and trade for supplies
- Panthers did not raid cities, but...this is SL gor and we like to promote good roleplay for the sim. Panthers may at times go into the city/outpost at night and raid for supplies. Remember always keep this in character.

- Must dress accordingly, Veils not needed
- FW may never raid. FW that act aggressively in Cardonicus, (threaten, draw a weapon, etc.) is a collarable offense.
- No protectors recognized.
Free Women laws of the woods

- May have an exception to the killing rules and must be qualified.
Assassins entering the woods

- Live by their fabled codes:
- 97th Aphorism of the Warrior Codes: "What is invisible but more beautiful than diamonds?" The answer is "Honor."
- Warriors do not break their sworn word.
- When a women kneels, lifts her hands up with wrists crossed, and submits to a warrior, custom demands that he either accepts the submission or slays the captive.
- Do not commit suicide when captured.
- Poisoned steel is against the codes.
Warrior codes
Slave laws of the woods

She urts in the woods of cardonicus


90. TARNS:

91. Use metered Tarns only.
92. Once a Tarn is down you can not use a Tarn again that day.
93. Not more than 1 Tarn per raid.
94. Tarns cant land in the forest, or the panther camp. Doesnt matter what part of the camp: you cant land in it.
95. Tarns can land in village, and along a stretch free of trees.
96. You cant shoot from a Tarn.
97. Tarns that pickup people are not allowed.
98. Tarns can do damage only against other Tarns.
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NEW Law of the Woods of Cardonicus (another must read)
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