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 Woods of Cardonicus Banned Weapons

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Woods of Cardonicus Banned Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Woods of Cardonicus Banned Weapons   Woods of Cardonicus Banned Weapons Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:05 pm

Woods of Cardonicus Banned Weapons

Individual Weapons:

Alika Yao´s raven bow (suspected of use by cheaters)
Bolas: 1-click capture feature not allowed, use the bola as a regular ranged weapon if the weapon allows you to do so.
Swords by Eve Mikazumi (delay faster than 0.5s).
Fina city sword (3m range and delay around 0.3s).
Sword of Thentis (3m range, delay around 0.3s).
Spear of the Priest Kings (most cheat spear ever made).
Non commercial weapons (homemade tweeked kind).
Double edge/double hit spears.
laura sword

Individual Weapon Makers:

Bobbey Lane DL bows
Primus weapons
Black Dragon designs.
Siege Guild.
TCJ swords, spears, bows (long history of overpowered weapons).
All weapons with immorata scripts (Kirsten Lee or Lady K).
Monique Desideri weapons
Larmen Capra weapons
XX (Xxander Snook) weapons
all other hybrid weapons which change from melee to ranged fighting and vv.

Just because your weapon isnt listed here as BANNED, it doesnt mean its ALLOWED either. Please contact Laylah Rives for confirmation, or if you think you should be off this list.

Thank you
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Woods of Cardonicus Banned Weapons
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