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 Assassins entering the woods of cardonicus...

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Assassins entering the woods of cardonicus... Empty
PostSubject: Assassins entering the woods of cardonicus...   Assassins entering the woods of cardonicus... Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2008 11:27 pm


There were no Female raiders or assassins in books. RP as an assassin by a female is invalid and not accepted.

...were a low caste shrouded in mystery.

The Assassin Caste is one of the few Castes where you must actively join it to become a member. It is not a Caste that you are born into. This is similar to the Castes of the Initiates and Players.

Assassins must have loyalty only to their caste.

**Will only kill if they have taken money, not create an alt because someone pissed them off.

**Must kill their training partner to graduate and become an Assassin. The last impediment to the turning of their heart to stone is the slaying of one who is dear to them.

****Therefore!!!*** (So since this is not possible to do in SL...we do require assassins AV to be 2months old and more. If you are less than two months, we can assume you have not had training, or you are there to seek your own vengence..your RP is invalid...and you won't be allowed to RP any hit's in the city)

wear Black

wear the sign of the Black Dagger on their forehead when on a contract (hunting)
(you can emote this. ex: /me looks at the man, the black dagger showing prominently on his forehead)

are properly called "Killer" by those who respect them

are paid in Gold which is subsequently called "Black Gold", or "Blood Money". Many will not accept it as it is considered tainted.

use a killing dagger whose hilt is inscribed with "I have sought him, I have found him". This is left in the body. (inscription not necessary for legal kills)

They did not bother with slaves. Having a slave would hamper their success and could mean their death. They are not likely to love, or have free companions or a homestone, as all of these could compromise their loyalties to their caste.

If you enter the city with a slave accomanying you, you may not be in hunt mode. Kills will not be valid with an accompanying slave. Owning a slave elsewhere is your business, Assassins simply didn't bother with them in the books. An assassin simply could not watch out for his slave, and that of his already shortened life expectancy. And when did a cold hearted, killer..start to love let alone risk his life to own a slave. And where would you house her with no homestone? Just food for thought for any serious RP'g Assassin.
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Assassins entering the woods of cardonicus...
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