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 Free Woman laws of the Woods of Cardonicus

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Free Woman laws of the Woods of Cardonicus Empty
PostSubject: Free Woman laws of the Woods of Cardonicus   Free Woman laws of the Woods of Cardonicus Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 11:58 am

Free Woman laws of the Woods of Cardonicus

A Free Woman is expected to behave according to the established laws of Gor. Free Women's dress will be modest and respectful; this means in a GOWN! no exposed shoulders, legs, belly, etc. Please avoid see through are pushing the limits and could be questioned. What is allowed in, say, the barrens, would not be here. "When in Rome..." and all that.

There were no female raiders or assassins on Gor.

FW who think they are Mercanaries and lead armies...not allowed.

Are not recognized here. Fw traveling alone are at risk. You've been warned. Anyone showing up after the fact to from your desperate IM because your pushed your boundaries...will simply be asked to leave.

Free woman are permitted no more than a dagger and EMOTED poisoned needles.

Free Women of the Woods of Cardonicus are not required to wear veils.
"The women of the north, commonly, do not veil themselves."
Marauders of Gor (pg 199)

*ALTHOUGH it is strongly advised for visiting Fw to veil themselves as you would have done if traveling on Gor.*

The Tavern is allowed if you are escorted by a man. Remember, taverns are equivilent to strip joints/brothels. Slaves will be naked at times, they will dance seductively and do things that may offend the FW. They are performing for men, not free women. If a Fw is escorted in, and a situation suddenly happens and her escort is called away, she may remain, but should stay aware of her surroundings should any drunken males suddenly find her *winks* interesting.

Free Women are prohibited from engaging in public displays of lewd and lascivious behavior. Violation of this law is punishable by enslavement. To flirt with a Free to flirt with a collar. You've been warned.

A Free Woman can sell herself into slavery, but once the transaction is completed, it is too late for her to revoke it.

It is illegal to couch with anothers slave, male or female.

If a Free Woman kneels before (specifically TO) a Free Man or addresses him as Master, this is sufficient to make her a slave. Her actions are interpreted as a gesture of submission. (Note: Make no mistake, commonly men sit cross-legged and WOMEN KNEEL IN GOR. This is not a submission. A woman must kneel TO a man or kneel to him by command.) ?

A Free Woman who is enslaved while companioned to another, will have their contract null and void. ((Note: don't freak. Once you are rescued, freed, etc, a wonderful excuse to share a cup of ka la na and renew your contract.))
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Free Woman laws of the Woods of Cardonicus
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