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 Settings for fighting

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Settings for fighting Empty
PostSubject: Settings for fighting   Settings for fighting Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:09 pm

Computer settings for fighting:

Go to preferences and change the following:

Input & Camera: set mouse sensivity to max or at least near max

max bandwidth to 500, higher lags all down.
Cache: set to 200, clean often.

set to custom, then:
draw distance 96 m (more is not allowed anyways)
max particle count to 1280 or lower
post process quality: low
Mesh detail:
- objects low up to mid maximum
- flexiprims low up to mid
- Trees low up to mid
- Avatars low up to mid
- terrain low

with a fast machine you can go up to mid when mentioned, but with a slow all minimum.

No atmospheric shaders
no water reflections

In Hardware options you MUST uncheck Anisotrophic filtering.
Fog distance ratio dependend on hardware.. I leave it at 4, recommended is 2.

Audio & Video : uncheck playing media while fighting

Text & Chat:
lower chat console to 5 lines, so your screen is never full of messages.

Thats mainly. You can check your new fps by pressing ctrl shift 1 and look at the upmost line of the new window. Should be much higher now.

Good luck in fight
Your elder Elder
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Settings for fighting
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