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 Basic Fighting guidelines

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Basic Fighting guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Basic Fighting guidelines   Basic Fighting guidelines Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:15 pm

Basic fight guidelines for the Tre'sha Jerag.

1. Work in pairs. Best to befriend your sister you are working with and allow her to see you on map.. then use map to look for her and you will always have the red arrow pointig towards her, so you cannot lose her in fight.

One leads and determines the target.. try to concentrate fire on one target to bring the foe down as fast as possible.

Don't run in a line behind each other. The following one will only hit her partner.. so the second one moves to the side to have a clear shooting range.

Don't shoot if you would hit your sister more likely than the enemy. It will happen, but try to avoid it.

2. at least disarm the fallen enemies.. if time, bind them before going on.. in the heat of the battle its not always possibe, but try.

if you raid in an odd number, the worst bow will work alone and follow, binding all fallen enemies, maybe dragging them away a bit.

3. When your meter is in red, fall back if possible and regain health.. you can try sniping from far to assist, but try to avoid being brought down. Again: its not always possible, but look for that chance.

4. Its not allowed to bind and cut loose a sister to reduce bubble time. So refrain from that if not in sparring. It will be considered as cheating and can invalidate a victory of us.
We all know how long 5 minutes can be, but it cannot be changed.

5. Listen to the orders of the leaders.. when called for retreat, RETREAT.. even if your target is very low.

6. Try to judge the situation: there is no use to attack 6 enemies alone to try to rescue the fallen sisters. Run back to camp and regroup. A free sister is more a help then another captured.

and lastely again:


Be well all
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Basic Fighting guidelines
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