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 Training pledges

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PostSubject: Training pledges   Training pledges Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:07 pm

There are three phases to pledge training, Laws (Sim and Tribal) and customs, RP, and fighting.

When the mentor feels the pledge has successfully demonstrated knowledge in each phase, they will advance them to the next, in order.

Once the pledge has finished all three phases, the council will decide whether or not to advance the pledge from pledge status.

If the pledge is to be advanced, the council will notecard a recommendation to Laylah who will have final say.

Laws and Customes- this phase needs to cover, in depth, the laws of the sim, and the tribe.

Tre'sha Jerag combat and panther laws
Tribe expectations
Panther Mindset
day to day activities
how a panther thinks
fear and pain

This phase will teach proper roleplay

Use of moderators
Role play ettiquette
Limit use of OOC
Combat weapons allowed
Death and RP
Safe zones
IM rescue
Tags (names and flip titles)


Use of bow
Lag issues
Use of spear
coordinated attacks/defense
Evade when meter is low
Drawing fire from enemies
Shooting Moving targets
Shooting Moving targets on the move
Team fighting
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Training pledges
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