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 Non Femlaw sim list

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PostSubject: Non Femlaw sim list   Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:16 am

Sims that forbid (ban on sight or with warning) non-panther female outlaws/mercenaries/warriors bearing bows:
This list is from the gorean Forum and might not be fully updated, so handle with care:

Axe Fjord
Black Sleen Isle
Cardonicus, The Fields and Hills
Cos, City of Telnus (no panthers allowed)
Fort Haskins
City of Hochburg (panthers not allowed)
Jotunheim Landfall
Kasra near Tahari
Laura (the Meadowlands)
Paravaci Nomads (mixed lifestyle/RP -- very strict raid rules)
Port Kar
Project Saleria (panthers not allowed)
(Project Saleria includes numerous connected sims -- Port Olni, Ti, Lara (Saleria), Vosk Woods, Vosk Woods West/North, Minus North/South)
City of Scagnar
Skjern (Females allowed, but only rp'ing as Free Women, slaves or as captive Panthers)
* to be distinguished from Skjern Black Sleen (German speaking) which allows such
Turmus, Vosk River
Vosk Delta Marshalds - Trading Post

Sims that strongly discourage female outlaws/mercenaries/warriors bearing bows:

Argentum City/Port Mercurius (all women need to be properly dressed, no matter who they are. Any that aren't are considered Panthers and are capped on site)
Tampica (shoot on sight leather clad females with bows)
Northern Woods (discourages the role; N. Woods is connected to Laura, which does not allow femlaws).
Kasra, Tyros (arrests them if detected)
Rovere (does not house them)
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Non Femlaw sim list
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