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 The return of Kara

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PostSubject: The return of Kara   The return of Kara Icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2009 7:18 am

When I left the tribe, some months ago, I travelled. I saw others tribes, but unfortunately, too often, in these tribes, the En was blonde. I was very disappointed (I left a En blonde, and I found again a blonde En….).

When the En was brune, there were outlaws wenches on the sim. One day, two drunk panthers raped me, helped by a femlaw. Desperate, after they left me, I picked up my panties, and I ran to the first boat I saw on the docks. It deposed me in the Torvaldsland, on the dock of a small village. The weather was very cold, I needed to drink a tonic to forget my emotions. I entered in the tavern, and really sisters, be careful, the hospitality in this kind of village, is very very bad. I ask very politely an ale to the only present bondmaid (“eeh useless, move your fat ass and fetch me an ale!”) and you won’t believe me, sisters, the wench ran out the tavern and called a guy who carried a biiig axe! Crazy nooo?? I was outraged, I complained to the guy about the very poor quality of the service offered by the tavern and I added to my complain that I hoped a better hospitality, because I was tired. The guy with the big axe, had a big collar too… And believe me, sisters, this collar wasn’t really pretty around my neck, oooooh, I suffered!!!!

The guy some days later, left the village for a city, Hochburg…. First, it’s a free wench who manage the place (a tatrix), a true bitch and I discovered with horror, that I was forced, even if private slave, to make TWO (2) chores per week!!! I looked at my delicate hands (the same than my sisters appreciated soo much when I removed their brands with a sandpaper because I was an ingenious healer) and I let out a looong cry of despair! So, I stole 2 or 3 kg of candies, a bow, a dagger, a bota of paga and I ran away to come back home!

If you need to remove your "after capture brands", I am still availablefor help you, I brought with me a good stock of sandpaper!

Still happy to help my sisters!
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PostSubject: Re: The return of Kara   The return of Kara Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 8:06 pm

shakes her head about the misconception..

There is only one En and she IS blonde.. so how would you think to find a non blonde En?
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The return of Kara
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