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 Wee need more stories

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Wee need more stories Empty
PostSubject: Wee need more stories   Wee need more stories Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 1:56 pm

Greetings all Smile

Small post to re-animate the forum a bit dead lately.

Generaly, things are a bit slow in Gor the past few weeks. Lot of people has left, some went to new games, others just left Gor for others univers. I guess this is life.

However, I think we always need to analyse what's happen, see why it does happen, and this from our own perspective, because at the end of the day, a game is nothing more than players coming with expectations, dreams and ideas.

One of the thing I like when I have small kid at home, is the moment at night when you have to tell them a nice story.
Hey, I always found that moment so great. Maybe because I like to tell story, but as well because it is a pleasure to see in all kids faces the pleasure of hearing and participating to a nice story. I say participating, because kids has realy that capacity to get in the story and be part of it.

At the end of the day, when we join role playing game, we are all kids, what we want is to join a few hours a day a nice story, participate to adventure and do thing we could not do in real life.

Now, when you tell a story to kid, you always make sure to have some elements.
Obvously you need some good guys, some bad guys and a good story. Concerning story, from the very begining (from the very first book or stories) it turns always around some plots:

- quest to find an object.
- deliver/capture people
- love/hate between 2 person

Anything we do will always come back to these kind of plot, as any movie, as any book, etc....

I think we realy need that.
If we do not create plot, then we will not have real story, no real immersion, no real role play. People will come for only specific thing as fight or will leave the tribe or just don't play anymore. They will be idle, waiting for someone coming to have a small opportunity of doing something. Do we want to wait for game or create game?

We have a great sim, a great group we just miss to fill the blanck page of the story and starts playing for our fun.

Last night, I have done a proposal to Sammie (i don t thing we need details here since it will just kill the pleasure) and this is the way I do re-iterate for x times these kind of proposals of rp event/plot that we could not organize in the last 3 months for many reasons. Most of them I do disagree with as it is reflected in all my previous post (most of them with no answer except from my so sweet mistress).

I am less present in game lately, partly because of travels, but as well because I just do not know what to do or propose.

I will keep looking this forum and looks if nothing is moving on.

I don't want to wait for a green plot that maybe will give us an other capture game.
When I log to Gor, I want to be a kid, part of a nice story Very Happy

Be well all
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Wee need more stories
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