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 How to deal a pledge

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PostSubject: How to deal a pledge   Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:55 am

Tal sister.

hey...first rules of survivance...make sure you recognize pledge from others Smile

I saw that pledge are like half kajira can take a lot of freedom with her sister....a few advices to deal with pledge

1. Call the pledge by her name. At the end they all looks like the same. You will recognize easily the pledge normaly these are the one that runs directly alone into a group of warrior pirat

2. Don't nadu. Keep your knee clean !...think that water is expensive.

3. If they want something tell them to the end they have hands and can use it. alien

4. Poke their butt...Pledge are need to stimulate them bounce

5. Always speak at the first person. If you do it at the third they may think you speak about someone else scratch

6. They normaly use bow as a fishing stick so don't stay in her fire line. If they hit you take a stone and do a favor to the tribe !

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PostSubject: Re: How to deal a pledge   Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:53 pm


Be careful mine, even thoughthey are pledges they still free
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PostSubject: Re: How to deal a pledge   Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:57 am

Hi all.
I think a small explanation for this mail is need (sorry for be so long to do it but I am travelling and hard to find a descent connexion)

First, this mail wanted to be humoristic and as well stress some strange things that happening sometimes in the game. So if he did offence I am sorry.

Now concerning the RP in game some explanations.

I don’t know if my RP is good, realistic or whatever but I try hard to at least have some RP following a certain logic and base on a certain perspective of Gor that is supported by some elements of the book. Some people will not agree and I have to say that I am sorry for them.

A lot of people expect Kajira do be nice pet loving their status, being always happy to please and serve.

Well, it may be the case for some. Now, in the book it is state that most of slaves in Gor are captured and for to be slave. It is not a “willing”. Slave respect rules in Gor because Gorean people are hash and if a slave do not respect the rules it will be in deep trouble. Now this relation between slave and Free is PART OF THE ROLE play and do not need to be SUPPOSED. It means that if a FREE do not act as a free, it may be consider RP speaking being “weak” or “no typical Gorean”. In that perspective salve will act differently with him/her. If this attitude against slave is mostly share you a “princess kajrira” will be created.

Remember that in GOR a kajira in NOT A SUB. Sub is part of the BDSM world and not the Gorean world. SUB are willing to be SUB. Kajira are forced to be Kajira. Now, where the thing can get complicated is that in SL Gor both are sometimes mixt up. Dolores is for Sammie Kajira and SUB but the second dimension is not part of Gor, or at least not totally.

To come back to my character, Dolores was a she urt. As any Free Gorean she is hash and fierce.
For people that does not know what a she urt is , imagine them leaving in city dock, in small gang, fishing, looking food in garbage and even doing some “small” stealing. They are dirty (normaly to not attract man) and fight for her territory against other she urt gang, So a she urt is everything except a “nice and sweet” person. She urt are survivors in a very hash world.
That was my character when she has been captured in Laura and bought by Kara. This will not change from one day to the other and needs to be played.
When I build the “logic” of the Dolores I always think about “how is important and how is not”. You will find out that Dolores try to be respectful with Elders and her Mistress, and consider Pledge not very important for her survival. I am not saying it is good, not good, stupid, or not, but this is the way she acts and if she needs to acts differently I am expecting RP answer to rp attitude. If not the miss-respect will grow and grow to a stage where we arrive to ridiculous situation where I can throw a stone to a pledge with no reaction. I think I have emote enough this, play it, repeat it, to be surprise to never had any reaction. I think as well that everybody realize how far over the limit this act is. Touching a free in a city could be sentence to death.

The play between free and slave is part of gorean role play, and by this mail I was wanted to say “hey guys…what happen….do you still play Gor?”

Now I totally accept the remark that my RP may be to aggressive to hash…well…Dolores is like this….i have build my character over the last 3 years over this concepts. She is aggressive and at the same time can be loyal and devoted. Now remember this is RP. None of the attack she can do are directed to the player but ONLY against the character. This is how rp work. The best way if you have any doubt is ALWAYS to send a small IM and ask ! Communication always help.

Now, I am always sorry to offended people and I apologize if it has been the case. I find out speaking with you that some of you are new…..and should have be more prudent….but remember you are in Gor and not in Disney. In Gor there is no place for weak…only stronger survive…even in the kajira world.
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PostSubject: Re: How to deal a pledge   

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How to deal a pledge
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