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 cool down....this is just a game

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cool down....this is just a game Empty
PostSubject: cool down....this is just a game   cool down....this is just a game Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2008 10:02 am

Realy that was a bad night.

Everything has start well (i was captive in the woodman village) and then everything starts to go wrong and at the end ruins the game of the few one that still wanted to play.

The first part of the discussion was around the fact that Sammie did not take 15 minutes to use the key to open the door, and after issue with bind and so on...and so on.....

This is a pity.

I just even do not want to know or discuss who is right or not. I don't think it is a point.

What I consider is that we are all adult people and we also do mistake. We all do mistake. From that point we have to accept mistake from the other and integrate it into our play or it will be an eternal discussion. And this never give us the right to insult other people or destroy the game of all the other that haven't done any mistake at all.

There are rules. These rules are a good guidlines but can't cover everything

Rules say 15 minutes to lockpick. When do you have ket do you need 15 minutes? Don't know. But what I know is that it is a REAL STUPID DISCUSSION !

Now something is clear in my little head of Kajira. This is not a game where a faction we win or loose. When the game is fun we ALL win and when the game is bad we ALL LOOSE. And yesterday we have loose a night that could have been fun in OOC discussion that did not lead to anything.

So consider some point of the kajira philosophy bounce

1. This is a game Smile Don't take it to serious Smile
2. Kajira always win never compete with her bounce bounce
3. The only god in Gor that knows everything are the Priest King and nobody else. The rest are simple mortal that can't judge the other bounce

So sister and brother..peace and love sunny
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cool down....this is just a game
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