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 New Master in Gor

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PostSubject: New Master in Gor   New Master in Gor Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 11:37 am

A friend new in Gor asks e some advices.
Well he got her first kajira and ask for help….
So I am trying to redact him some very basic advices.

Obviously it is base on my own perception and I never had any kajira so…please let me know what ever you think. I have try to focus not only in Gor but as well in some aspects of the relation-ship between people.

1. Is never won : A master and kajira relation is something that each day is moving, is something that’s need each day to be consolidated and re-enforced. Remember that all people are here to play, to feel sensation and this relation goes in two ways. The Master takes what offers the kajira but the kajira as well takes what her Master will give her. This is obviously a “person” statements “ because Gor will say differently. However always remember we are NOT in Gor, we just PLAY Gor. So never think you have won you master or your kajira. This day you will loose her or him.
2. Deal you Kajira for what she is: A kajira is a slave, a property. Deal her for what she is. She chooses that role and will not expect to be deal as your companion. Master role is as well to make sure the kajira understand and feel what she is at any moment. If she looses that feeling she will be out of her role. This is the master job.
3. Be strict: Kajira is a human being. She can feel the same as you do. She has a brain and can think. She will try always to overrun the limits because before everything she is a person. Never let your kajira pass the line. Be strict.
4. Gor is not BDSM: Gor is not BDSM. Be right. Punish her if she needs to be but don’t fail into the “torture” scenario when you get bored and have no raid.
5. Let her play: The bigger risk for a kajira is the boredom. In a lot of way her play will depend of you. So one of your roles will be to make sure she is an active player and not a statue standing at your feet. Some places will offer her some specific Kajira plays as training, rp with others kajiras, etc…let her go.
6. You are a master you are important: You are a master. You can love your kajira in a lot of way but she is what she is…a kajira. Don’t get involved in all slaves stories. You will destroy the play.
7. RP and OOC: Master-kajira is a relationship that takes place in SL. In Sl keep it like this. Nothing more frustating to have 2 IM where you are deal differently. Does not mater if it is OOC or not. In SL you are the master. Don’t change it.
8. Control: Some kajira like control. This is a mixt of Gorean and not Gorean but what can help is useful. Collar is the most obvious hardware but you will find cuff, IM control, speak control, etc…etc….
9. Understand what the other expect: This is obvious.
10. Have fun. Sometimes we tend to forget that we are here for that….
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New Master in Gor
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