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 Raid and raid and raid

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PostSubject: Raid and raid and raid   Raid and raid and raid Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 10:40 am

Hi All.
Just want to post a small “thinking” here. However it is a very personal opinion so take it as it is…just a personal opinion.

I think we try to play as much Gorean as we can, accepting obviously some “freedom” with the book, if not I guess it will be impossible to play.

However, during the few weeks I have the pleasure to play with you, I have the very personal feeling that we are getting each time more “raid oriented”. I like raid. I guess it is part of panther life. Now, what I think that is a bit sad (in my opinion) is that when we do have raid is that we just wait for some…if we do not have raid we get bored. Is raid the only way to not get bored in Gor? Is any other thing we can do?

Don’t you think we run into the risk of getting bored about raid at one moment? Don’t you think we run the risk of boring the other about raiding them all the time and be assimilated to these Outlaw sim that have as a unique activity raid?

Panthers are not suppose to be warriors, they are huntress, eventually they attacks isolated target, don’t you think we are going to far when “finding “ the fight” as warriors does?
Is not a raid or a fight part of a story, part of a rp plot? Would it not be much more interesting for all to have better interaction with others tribes, people that just simple and quick fight? As think we do loose a lot of opportunity of fun.

Sammy open a post about others ideas ( but these posts did not have any feedback. We have done as well some intent to raise up some events with others sim that has been lost.

My other question is as well how do we organize event? What is the process? Organizing that takes time, involve other people and needs decision about time, hours …so do we need the agreement of all the tribe to do so? It is necessary? At the end seems that 2 panthers attacking a city needs less agreement that organizing a simple and peaceful event somewhere for a few people.

Maybe I am the only one to feel that. In that case it is fine. I can understand that fight can be seen as a final objective. However for me, fight is part of a story. We are not in a shooting game, but into a role playing game where we are not suppose to fight for pleasure or to fight the boredom. Doom is a great shooting game. SL is more.

Now just to not make critic for the pleasure of doing critic I want to put some ideas in the table. (so I will not be blame to make empty critic ^^^)

1. Internal life of the camp ! Why don t we play that? A tribe has a life as a city. A camp needs food, have different role, different status ! Why don t we play that ! Why don t we give responsibilities to people to play their role and generate story. A simple way to start for instance will be to have a weekly tribe “powpo” where in a rp way we can decide what to do, where panthers can play their rp role, where elder can play their rp role ! Would that not replace the looooooong silence we have on the chat when everybody seems to be lost in IM? Tribe are small community I do not think it is run as formal as a city, this is a good opportunity to make everyone play. We can add to that collect and so on. If we had slave we could develop some activities around that and as well have slaver and so on…..all that to move from 5 % the social life against the 50 % of raid and the 45 % of IM meditation to something more equilibrated (50%-50%)

2. Trade and external relationship. Others tribe wants relation. OK. It is not BTB. But I guess it would be more BTB to play with others tribes than raiding each day and could bring new ideas There is a lot of tribes willing to develop rp with others.

3. Monthly OOC session. Well everybody does not read the forum and we do not have much answer on it. Most of the ideas seems to be death letter. Would it be possible to have a one hour OOC session (in a specific place) just to discuss and bring ideas?

These are ideas.
Not sure I will have feedback but at least it has been said. bounce

Have a good day.

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PostSubject: Re: Raid and raid and raid   Raid and raid and raid Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 4:09 pm

Dolo dear;

I agree with the feeling of your post. Unfortunately SL Gor has in recent times seemingly more and more drifted away from roleplay based activities which involve person to person interation to a run and shoot and cap based platform. Probably due to an influx of new members introduced to gor. Many, MANY more of the "veteran" gorean people have grown tired and left SL gor all together because of it. I fear someday that all will remain is sim raids all day long....more shooting, running capping, cutting of bow strings and more running...and so on, and so on...

Tribal interaction is very VERY important, not just to get to know our sisters but as a way of letting each of us develope our AV's charactor "in world" not in an OOC manner. A few examples:

Sammie is devoted to her EN and tribe to the poiint that sometimes she has a hard time maintaining her inner hatred of males for the way they treated her and her Mistress when she was a slave (I have to watch RPIng loosiing control as it seems to make others think I lost my mind...giggles)

Jax is a VERY strong and proud Panther who never backs down from the males.

Lilou is the quiet devoted sister who is deadly with her bow...

Dani's charator is like a combination of Lilou and Jax. Loving and playful with her sisters yet dangerous to males!

Sisters Kim and Shara are wise and adventerous and we all can learn much from them. Whether it is their knowledge of other lands and people or even to watch and learn RP from them.

I love the way the pledges have come along and are developing. They are becoming eager and adventerous and sometimes hard to control (as they should). What we have to be careful of is to have less OOC charactor ineraction and more IC interaction. This helps each of us to make our charators what they are and the tribe better. The way they went out and collect the Bosk "Lil Lucius" was great!

Our En, so strong and wise, watching over her tribe as only a true En/Mother can....letting each sister develope and grow is wonderful....all while making sure her tribe remains the best it can be.

With all of that being said though...we do depend on the interaction with others in SL Gor to make it a worthwhile experience. Even the simple act of trying to find a Master for Ambre or making a trade lead me to cross paths with males who want to shoot cap , even we have to always be aware of that. Just as RL plans dont go as planned so do SL Gorean plans.

Once the trading post is up and going, and someone fills that post (it has to be someone more interested in RP and trade more than shooting and capping or it is all useless), and caravans from other sims start coming, RP will start to change direction from a first person shooter based experience to a more one to one interaction experience...hopefully....or I see the world of SL Gor fading away...

Just my opinion of course....
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PostSubject: Re: Raid and raid and raid   Raid and raid and raid Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 10:52 am

I agree with all that.

However it is important we control our desire of fighting that can as well ruins the willing of internal rp of the people we are attacking.

In the other hand, I think it is important everybody can find the role he wants in the tribe (event if we needs some flexibility in the role) and avoid as much as possible the "fighting alt" that are only there to fight.

I am so happy these last day to see more Kajira around and more panthers inside as well. bounce

I realy have some very good that time in the tribe Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Raid and raid and raid   Raid and raid and raid Icon_minitime

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Raid and raid and raid
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