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 Collar handling

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Collar handling Empty
PostSubject: Collar handling   Collar handling Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 3:46 pm

Tal sisters,

I have seen lately some uses of collar commands on captives.

Please don't do it. It may look funny if you say .nadu and the guy goes down, but! Its no good style, its godmodding in fact. You can order and he/she should use the command instead if he complies.. if not, you will have to rp that event, but not just issue .nadu then (or any other command apart from leashing).

The only exeption form the rule would be properly rped pressing down, like:

x comes from behind and grabs his hair while kicking into his knees, forcing him onto his knees by that.

But even then I would normally recommand to let him go down himself instead of issuing the command.

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Collar handling
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