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PostSubject: I REALY HATE   I REALY HATE Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 12:19 pm

I realy hate to see all people like small dolls, not moving, not answering, not afk realy, just not paying attention to what is around, probably lost is some other important things.

Remember an av takes life by your action, by the word you make it tell. When you av does not speak, does not answer, he is dead, he is cold, he just ignore all others.

I love to se 30000345 rules about RP and how this role should acte and how the octher should do, but there is ONE RULE in RP that must be respect. PLAYERS FIRST. IM after. The play do not go when YOU have decide to play, the game is hapening where someone interact with you and not only when you WANTS to interact with him or her.

And when someone needs to do IM there is a nice function called AFK. Yeah. You know this little thing you have on your meter is not just small gadget. You have as well a busy function.

Doing this is a fail of respect to players that want to play. It is the worste offense that you can to an other player. Ignore it. I take that always as a player attitude to an other. A miss of respect.

If you cannot manage that yourselve be a slave and ask for a collar with IM control. Yes.

Ah the does not stop when we have no raid or spar. We can still interact between us and play.

I do not think I am the only one to feel that. I tell you.

That was my upseting moment of the day.

Since verybody seems to put RP limites our day and i want to leave with the new wave always, i will put that in my limtes. Don't answer me. I TP OUT.

Princess kajira.
And what you want.
But Member of the MFIMR.

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