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 Panthers not friend anymore :) (rp plot)

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Panthers not friend anymore :) (rp plot) Empty
PostSubject: Panthers not friend anymore :) (rp plot)   Panthers not friend anymore :) (rp plot) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 10:04 am


I have been playing a lot with Dar Kosis 'panthers tribe being a she urt.

Last night we had some fun there. Please find here summary. (OOC)

Sneaking in the wood I met Ana. Ana is a she urt, friend of Dolores since they were part of the same she urt gang long time ago. We had a lot of adventures together.
Ana was about to trade with the tribe, so I offer her protection and we go to the panther camp.

They know me there very well. As She Urt we have been working a lot for the tribe looking for information and doing small job in the city.

The trade starts with 2 panthers. 45 minutes speak. Wonderfull rp by the way with these 2 panthers. After 2 slaves arrives. One of the slave is a bit unrespecful for the she urt. The she urt tell her and bit by bit escalation. At one moment the kajira tell "slut to the she urt". Big silence. The She urt slaps the girl. One of the panther take her bow and shout the she urt. I take mine and I shout as well since she is with me. So we enter in combat. 2 panthers with the slaves trowing stone on us (not sure the kajira did but the kajirus did). At the end we fall down. Ana is captured.

All this was pretty fun by the way. No OOC. Nothing. Just RP. Situation was very stressed because free never know how to deal with she urt and less panthers. Since we were in there territory they were as well agressive as it is logical.

I guess there is good opportunity with this rp plot.
I will try to free up Ana. Not sure how yet.

Oh. These panthers knows I am from this tribe.

So. This is a small summary for anyone that wants to enter into this story.

Be well.
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Panthers not friend anymore :) (rp plot)
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