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 Vosk Wood (Hunting Sim)

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PostSubject: Vosk Wood (Hunting Sim)   Vosk Wood (Hunting Sim) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 9:49 am

I was looking for a place to role play hunting of fur to be able to trade after.

I found that sim.

Realy the system can be fun for amy role play of hunting.

Panthers are allow there but are hunted as well.

I have try the system with Annie last night and looks okay.

The pity is that the sim is empty of people. Some other hunters hunting us would have make some fun.

I put the rules of the system here:


Hunter Instructions:

Greetings noble hunter! Please read the instructions below or you will fail to advance in levels.

You should also be aware that the hunting system is schedled for a major revision in the near future and that any xp or levels gained before the revision will be lost.

May your arrows fly straight and true!

Hunting Armband:

You will find in your folder an armband named Hunting Armband. You must wear this armband whenever you hunt for your XP to be counted and level calculated. Kills while not wearing will not be counted.


Any weapon that fires a physical object will work. However, we ask that you use only weapons appropriate to Gor. That would include bow and arrows, knives, lances, spears, etc. You are encouraged to use an appropriate weapon of your choice, one you feel comfortable with. One hit kills a prey animal, for it is shameful and cruel to require more than one hit to kill.

Hunter Level:

Your level is set to increase when you hit a certain number of XP points. As your level increases, you will be able to hunt animals rated at higher levels. You will also still be able to hunt animals below your level. As your level increases, you will need more XP to get to the next.

XP Data:

As you hunt prey of higher and higher level, the XP you accumulate for them increases. As you hit certain levels of XP, your level goes up. How much and when will be for you to discover as you become an experienced hunter.

It is important to NEVER reset the scripts in your armband, or set them to not running or recompile them. This will set all your XP back to 0, and your level as well. Should this happen, talk to the Owner/Operator of the system.

Prey Animals:

There are prey spawn points around the sim. At set intervals, the spawn points will kill off the existing prey animal associated with it and generate a new one at random. You will learn with experience where the spawn points are, but on different days (or periods set by the system owner) there will be different animals of different levels at them. This is done to better simulate the hunting experience. You need to walk through the woods to find prey at a level you can hunt.

The animals have different levels associated with them, and only kills of prey at or below your level will be counted in your XP and Level. As the prey level increases, they will move faster and will be trickier to kill. This is done to better simulate the hunting experience, so that a hunter learns with experience and increases his skill and knowledge of his prey.

Prey Level Animals:
0 Urt
1 Squirrel and Albino Squirrel
2 Marsh Moccasin
3 Hermit Bird
4 Quala
5 Tarsk
6 Tumit
7 Prairie Fleer
8 Tabuk and Hurt
9 Brown Prairie Sleen
10 Kailiauk

Harvest Data:

When you first put on your armband, it will reset your Accumulated Harvest to zero. It keeps you updated with your current harvest for that particular hunting session.

When you kill a prey animal, you will be given in chat your harvest data. Harvest data includes: hide, fur, meat, feathers, bones, teeth, hooves, claws, and ivory. The total of the harvest numbers is added to the Accumulated Harvest shown on your armband. This data is also sent to the Barrens Hunting Server, which tracks it for a period of time, emails all hunter data to the owner/operator of the system, and then resets harvest data to zero again. (XP data is kept and not reset as a backup to your armband, should it be accidentally reset.)

The Owner/Operator of the system can choose to reward the hunter with the highest Accumulated Harvest for a period of time of his choosing. Such reward might simply be recognition, or he could choose to attach a prize to it.

Prey Harvest:
Level Animal and Harvest

0 Urt - Hide 0, Fur 1, Meat 3, Feathers 0, Bones 2, Teeth 1, Hooves 0, Claws 1, Ivory 1

1 Squirrel and Albino Squirrel - Hide 0, Fur 1, Meat 1, Feathers 0, Bones 1, Teeth 1, Hooves 0, Claws 1, Ivory 0

2 Marsh Moccasin - Hide 1, Fur 0, Meat 7, Feathers 0, Bones 2, Teeth 1, Hooves 0, Claws 0, Ivory 0

3 Hermit Bird - Hide 0, Fur 0, Meat 1, Feathers 1, Bones 1, Teeth 0, Hooves 0, Claws 0, Ivory 0

4 Quala - Hide 0, Fur 10, Meat 25, Feathers 0, Bones 5, Teeth 2, Hooves 0, Claws 3, Ivory 0

5 Tarsk - Hide 25, Fur 0, Meat 100, Feathers 0, Bones 30, Teeth 3, Hooves 5, Claws 0, Ivory 5

6. Tumit - Hide 0, Fur 0, Meat 90, Feathers 20, Bones 40, Teeth 0, Hooves 0, Claws 5, Ivory 0

7. Prairie Fleer - Hide 0, Fur 0, Meat 5, Feathers 3, Bones 2, Teeth 0, Hooves 0, Claws 1, Ivory 0

8. Tabuk - Hide 20, Fur 0, Meat 65, Feathers 0, Bones 15, Teeth 3, Hooves 5, Claws 0, Ivory 25

8. Hurt - Hide 20, Fur 0, Meat 80, Feathers 0, Bones 25, Teeth 3, Hooves 0, Claws 4, Ivory 0

9. Brown Prairie Sleen - Hide 50, Fur 0, Meat 150, Feathers 0, Bones 125, Teeth 25, Hooves 0, Claws 10, Ivory 0

10. Kailiauk - Hide 0, Fur 500, Meat 500, Feathers 0, Bones 500, Teeth 10, Hooves 25, Claws 0, Ivory 25
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PostSubject: Re: Vosk Wood (Hunting Sim)   Vosk Wood (Hunting Sim) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 4:09 pm

that hunting sim is really interesting, but I think need developing, its a bit too easy
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Vosk Wood (Hunting Sim)
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