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 roleplay ideas

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PostSubject: roleplay ideas   roleplay ideas Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 3:57 am

I think Dolo had some wonderful ideas about setting up trade with some other tribes and the line of RP with the she Urts in cardy is not only refreshing (interaction without arrows) and allows us to get to know some other members in teh sims without them having to be the males that have us held captive. Besides, they are going to help us get LeFay. That is ALWAYS a good thing!
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PostSubject: Re: roleplay ideas   roleplay ideas Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 10:14 am

No. I don't.

Trading for writing emote line does not have any interest.

Panthers trades because they need to, because they can't produce everything. They trade what they miss.
Trades work with a role play INSIDE the group before OUTSIDE. For the moment that does not exists so trade will not have any impact.

I could certainly takes 100 furs from my hat and 50 paga barrels from the cave to exchange it with medecine but if we can take 50 pagas we can certainly as well take medecine Very Happy

No sense to discuss 2 hours about how many line to bind someone or if the bow does x% less or more if base are not there. Stock is one of the base in my opinion. This is one of the reason why panthers fights. They don t do it for pleasure. They do it by necessity.

There is in some forum discussion about what panthers can produce. Their economy is realy basic. They are huntress so basicly they do not produce. Some says that they should not even be able to have blacksmith and produce arrows. These are in my opinion just discussion, the important is to take in consideration an aspect that may give real good rp time.

I have remove stock servers last night. No use. We were just creating items. Was just a check and it works. When the En will take any decision she can do it herself. NC has been writed.
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roleplay ideas
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