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 What is a panther girl?

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The Panther Girls, according to John Norman:

(As contributed by Eve Cartier, Sa-ta-tor)

Panther girls, or forest girls, are women escaping their roles in the city walls, either Free Women who grow weary of abuse or kajirea who have slipped the bonds of their slavery. These women depart for the Northern forests. Here, they take to forming tribes and living in self-made huts and protective compounds.

Each camp is protected by a spiked wall of twined logs and a single, vine twined gate to allow passage in and out. Individual huts or tents circle a center cooking pit. On the whole, a Panther camp is empty, as the days are spent hunting, though at night the camp comes alive.

Each tribe member knows well the territorial boundries of her tribe. She protects these boundries well and none are afraid to capture and trade Panthers from neighboring tribes who cross such lines. Raids into other tribes to capture Panthers for sale, and to take their land, is not uncommon.

A Panther tribe, once formed, is difficult to become a part of. Those desiring a place amongst them must show her ability to protect herself and the camp by killing off an exsisting member of the tribe to take her place.

They are skilled hunters, and infamous for their ability to hunt the forest panthers. Though they never use the heavier sword weapons of men, they are deadly with the bow and arrow, sleen knife and spear. They wear the skins of their kills, and even then, only skantily so. Bones, claws, and teeth of their kills are often used to decorate their simple clothing.

While their hunting skills are usually turned towards the animals of the forests, they are quick to leap on foolish men who travel alone through the trees. These men are enslaved and taken back to the camps where they are often raped and chained for later sale or ransom. Each man caught has a "degredation stripe" shaved into his hair. A two inch wide swatch of hair removed from forehead to the back of the neck so that all will know he was captured until he can grow it back. Men returned to cities after such activity will often wear a hat to cover the strip to hide his humiliation.

Panther girls are not to be confused with their fair skinned "cousins" the Talunas or women of the Shendi jungle. While some activities criss cross the groups, it is only the Panthers who hold the night dances.

While the day to day activities of the Panther are common place, it is their nightly rituals that set them apart. Once returned from hunting the Panthers strip away clothing and move to hidden circles where their night rituals begin. Here, away from the eyes of Men, they dance wildly under the three moons of Gor. They are allowed to remove their masks of coldness and scream and claw at the moons, releasing the sexual and emotional frusterations they are, otherwise, unable to sate. As it is with the Free Woman and her veiled being, and the kajira and her freedom, the Panther has given up something precious. In these nightly courtships with the sky she is able to fight for and win back a hint of that which she gave up in her choice. Such nocturnal dances fill the night with wild screams, the sound of drums and finally the using of slaves to beat back the tide of need for one more day.

The Panthers though, despite their ways, are not to be confused with lost and frusterated slaves. They are prideful, arrogant and care little for anyone ouside their own tribes. In their forests, they rule. They are dignified women and accomplished hunters.

Their skills are not used, only to forward their own survival, but to obtain items for trade. Furs, teeth and slaves are traded at safe exchange points. In return they often take all things metal, as there are obviously no blacksmiths in the forests. Beads, jewelry and various needed items are also traded here. Well known is the Panther's penchant for candy and it often trades hands here as well.

While Panther girls are known as great hunters, they are also known as good prey. Sometimes, bands of men will turn to the forests for hunting with the women in their sites. They are an exciting hunt, and it is rumored that a Panther girl can make the most firey slave.

A capture though, can be devistating to a Panther herself. Amongst her tribe she is forgotten and wiped from their tallies. It is believed that any Panther that was weak enough to be caught deserved it . The Panthers will not try to ransom or release her, to them, she is lost.

Panthers do not favor slaves and are often cruel to them. They scorn Free Women even more and view them as "slaves in waiting". Outwardly they dispise men, though will hold some mote of respect to the fact they are warriors.

The life of a Panther is many things. It holds the beauty of freedom and the strength of a tight sisterhood. It requires inner pride and an outter dignity that won't be easily crushed. She must know herself well as she and her place will be questioned often. It is a lonely life, spent on the outskirts of proper society and yet in no other manner can one find their place so securely.
It is harsh.
It is Gor.

"We encountered this strayed slave," said the girl.
"She is mine," I said.
"Do you know who she was?" asked the girl.
I shrugged. "A slave," I said.
There was laughter from girls beyond the perimeter, in the darkness. Sheera lowered her head still more.
"She was once a panther girl," said the girl. "She was once Sheera, the panther girl."
"Oh," I said.
The girl laughed.
"She was a great rival to Verna. Verna now takes pleasure in returning her to you." The girl looked at Sheera.
"You wear a collar well, Sheera," said she.
Sheera looked at her, her eyes glazed in pain.
"This merchant," said the girl, "tells us that you are his slave. Is that true?"
She looked at her, in fury.
"Speak, Slave," said the girl.
"Yes," said Sheera, "he is my master."
The girl laughed, and so, too, did the others. Then the girl looked at me, and nodded at Sheera.
"Is she any good?" she asked.
I looked at Sheera. "Yes," I said, "she is quite good."
Sheera looked away, in fury, and put down her head. There was much laughter from the girls.
"We will take four arrow points for her," said the girl, "for returning her to you."

" I nodded, understanding her. She looked at my men, as a man might have looked upon women.
"Some of these men," she said, "seem interesting. They are strong and handsome. They would look well in the chains of slaves."
She strode to the opening in the stakes, and there turned, again to face me.
"Be warned," said she. "These are the forests of panther girls. Leave them!""
--Hunters of Gor- chapter 6

"I had understood that this was the territory ranged by Verna and her band."
"I am of the band of Verna," said the girl.
"Good," I said.
I was now more pleased. The girl facing me was blond, and blue-eyed, like many panther girls. She was lovely, but cruel looking. She was not particularly tall. For some reason, I found myself not displeased that this woman was not Verna.
--Hunters of Gor- chapter 6

"Runaway women who live in the forest without free men, taking as slave any man who enters their domain and eventually selling him. Those of the northern forests dress in the teeth and skins of forest panthers which they slay with their spears and bows".
--Captive of Gor

Chapters 44-45
..."We are the slaves of the talunas", said one of the men; their leader. I nodded. I had thought so, from their behavior. It was from the talunas, too, doubtless, that they had learned their Gorean. "We fish and hunt for them, and make cloth, and serve them", said one of the men. "Men should not be the slaves of women", I said. "Women should be the slaves of men". "We are small", said a man. "The talunas are too large and strong for us"... (Talunas, very much like panther girls, lived in the jungles and were pale skinned).

..."Lightly, I dropped down within the stockade of the talunas. It contained several small, thatched huts. It was not difficult to see in the light of the three moons. I made my way quietly, crawling, stopping upon occasion to listen, toward the more central huts. In one of the huts, one with a door tied shut from the outside, I heard a rustle of chain. I picked that hut which seemed the largest and most impressive, one in the center of the camp. On my belly, quietly, I entered it. Moonlight filtered in through the thatched roof and between the sticks which formed the sides of the hut. She was sleeping within, in her brief skins. Her weapons were at the side of the hut. She lay on a woven mat, her blond hair loose about her head. I examined her thighs, moving back the skins she wore. They had never been branded. She turned, restlessly. She was the girl who had feigned being chained at the post, to lure us into a trap. She was, I was sure, the leader of the talunas. She had given commands in our pursuit. She did not share her hut with another girl. She threw her arm restlessly over her head. I saw her hips move. I smiled. She was a woman in need. She moaned. I waited until her arms were again at her sides, and she lay upon her back. I saw her lift her haunches in her sleep. She was starved for a man's touch. Such women, in their waking hours, are often tense and restless; it is not unusual, too, for them to be irritable; and many times they are hostile toward men; many times they are not even fully aware of the underlying causes of their uncomfortable conscious states; how horrified they might be if they were told that they were women, and desired a master; yet must they not, on some level, be aware of this; would not their hostility toward the male who does not understand their needs or is too cowardly or weak to satisfy them not be otherwise inexplicable; what other hurt could the uncooperative male be inflicting upon them; the more he tries to please them the more they demand; the more he tries to do what they claim to wish the more he finds himself disparaged and despised; can he not see that what they really want is to be thrown to his feet and subjected, totally, to his will? They wish to be women, that is all. But how can they be women if men will not be men? How cruel a man is to deny to a woman the deepest need of her womanhood. Can they not care for them? Can they not see how beautiful they are, and how marvelous? But I steeled myself against thoughts of mercy for the blond beauty. She was an enemy"....
--Explorers of Gor.

"Some call them the forest girls," said Ute. "Others call them the panther girls, for they dress themselves in the teeth and skins of the forest panthers, which they slay with their spears and bows." I looked at her. "They live in the forest without men," she said, "saving those they enslave, and then sell, when tiring of them. They shave the heads of their male slaves in that fashion to humiliate them. And that, too, is the way they sell them, that all the world may know that they fell slave to females, who then sold them." "Who are these women?" I asked. "Where do they come from?" "Some were doubtless once slaves," said Ute. "Others were once free women. Perhaps they did not care for matches arranged by their parents. Perhaps they did not care for the ways of their cities with respect to women. Who knows? In many cities a free woman may not even leave her dwelling without the permission of a male guardian or member of her family." Ute smiled up at me. "In many cities a slave girl is more free to come and go, and be happy, than a free woman".
--Explorers of Gor

How beautiful she was, and proud and fierce, in the brief skins and golden ornaments. She was beautifully figured and she carried herself arrogantly before them, taunting them with her beauty, and spear. Verna, leader of the Panther Girls, speaking to the men she and her band have just captured in the Northern Forest. " I am Verna," she told them, "a Panther Girl, of the High Forest. I enslave men, when it pleases me. When I tire of them I sell them. I despise you," she said. "We have outwitted you, and captured you. We have bound you. If we wished, we would take you into the forest and teach you what it is to be a slave!"
--Captive of Gor
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What is a panther girl?
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