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 expectations of panthers

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PostSubject: expectations of panthers   expectations of panthers Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:13 pm

TRIBE LEADERS: This tribe is governed by the Chieftess and her council. The council is comprised of strong women, who have proven themselves, not just in their combat skills but in their roleplay, their creativity, their knowledge of Gor and their ability to lead. They are in place to guide and lead the tribe. They have earned respect and should be shown it. That does not mean that you should fear them, it means that they should be looked to for leadership and guidance. Disrespect of a Tribal leader will not be tolerated.

DEVELOPING YOUR ROLE: Your individuality is what led you to become a panther in the first place. We value your uniqueness and contribution to the tribe, and wish to see you develop as a character. The best sources for your development of your character as a panther, as with any role in Gor, are the novels of Gor written by John Norman. Good roleplay is expected of all members of this tribe. Knowing who your character is and where they came from is a good basis for reactions in roleplay.

BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER: We all have real life, we all have constraints on our time, but a big part of this tribe is the bonding experience between sisters. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, taking a break from SL, or whatever, it is appreciated if you would let one of the tribe leaders know. Any sisters who has not been seen or logged in for a period of more than two weeks, without contact, may be removed from the tribe to make room for those interested in being an active member of the tribe.

IF YOU ARE CAPTURED: Getting captured happens to everyone. It is part of being a panther, it is what makes things fun. If you are captured, you may fight, hiss, spit, threaten, scratch, etc. but you WILL go along with the capture. We play fair in this tribe. Our roleplay is at all times an example for the tribe, its is what shapes others' view of our tribe. If you have an issue with a particular scenario, action, etc. you will discuss that with your captor out of character, in IMs. The length and general rules of your captivity depend on where you were captured, what is important is that you return to the tribe at the end of your captivity period. Should you choose to submit permanently to your captor, you will remove yourself from the tribe or you will be removed.

RESCUES: Technically, in the books, panthers did not rescue. There was really no way for a small band of women to take on the armies of men who came into the woods to hunt, and most panther captive were moved out of the woods expediently. That said, rescuing a sister can be a lot of fun, and good roleplay. Within the bounds of reason and good roleplay, there may be instances where we rally to rescue a sister, but a panther should put the welfare of the tribe before her own at all times. You should use your own cunning and creativity to try to get yourself out of the situation before you call for your sisters to come for you. Screaming in IM for a rescue the moment a cage rezzes is not valid, a sister has to physically see your capture for any of us to "know" in character that you have been caught.

CAPTIVES: When you capture someone the safest place to take them is back to your own camp. Panthers caught captives to use them and sell them when the time came, or simply to sell them. All branding, raping, torture, etc should take place in camp. Ransoming of high ranking captives need to be handled by the Chieftess or the council.

PLEDGES: In order to become a full member of this tribe, most go through a period of initiation, where you are a pledge to the tribe. This gives you time to see if you fit with the tribe, and for the tribe, especially the council, to see is you mesh with us. During this time you should focus on honing your combat and roleplay skills. You should be looking to build relationships with your sisters and get to know the various individuals in the sim. You are welcome to hunt and fight with us, but choose your battles wisely, as a pledge and not a full member of the tribe, the tribe has no obligation to rescue you or ransom you. That is not saying that we won't but we have to consider the welfare of the tribe first and foremost.

SLAVES: It would not be Gor without them, would it? At some point in time, every one of us will have someone beg our collar. We are Free, beautiful, strong, and intelligent, what's not to love? As Free of Gor, we are responsible for the way our property acts, train your slaves properly, this includes slaves collared to the tribe. Also try to make the slaves part of the ongoing roleplay, be creative, there are many things that they can do for us in their roles.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: In the books, panthers did not have boyfriends, they did not saunter around flirting with men, they avoided men because a Gorean man would have collared a panther in a heartbeat. The main goal for a panther every day is to keep herself out of a collar, so flirting and philandering in character, would be antithetical to that goal. As we all know, SL is a social game and we are all of earth, the temptation, need, desire, to have "special" relationships with people our characters would normally not be involved with is normal and to be expected. The proper place for this is in IMs and kept out of character. That doesn't mean your sisters do not want to know, *grins* we already know. We are a family, and as you well know, families always know each other's business.
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expectations of panthers
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