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 Trainee Manual

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PostSubject: Trainee Manual   Trainee Manual Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:13 pm

This note is for training purposes of new Panther trainees and pledges for the Tre'sha Jerag tribe. If you have any questions, RP or tribal rules contact a tribal leader for clarification. Please get a copy of tribal rules from Sinda and read them carefully. If you have question regarding the information on training, please feel free to ask me anytime about anything. I love trying to answer any questions you may have. Volume 8- Hunters of Gor is a great reference. If you would like I can give you copies.

Laylah Rives-Chieftress

First, the training is to prepare new Panthers for engagements with local threats (Mercs, Guards Peasant males) and stray Huntresses from other tribes. Remember, Panthers are territorial and these woods belong to THIS tribe. Also all training is to enhance the Role Playing (RP) experience for all of those involved. This sim is not meant to be a quasi-cowboy and Indians shoot-em up sim. While winning is always nice, you WILL lose at times and that is where your RP will become perfected. All fighting will be based on the laws of Cardonicus and the Rules of Engagement. If you are unclear about them, be sure you have them. You are responsible to know the rules of the sim you are role-playing in. They can be found at the boat. Please take responsibility of your own actions. With that being said, I will train you to the best of my ability to win! Like I said, winning beats losing!

The MOST important thing you can do over all else, is to be familiar with you bow. Accuracy counts. I will provide target dummies for you to use. Anytime you are slow or bored, pull one out, and practice. Panthers rarely used anything but bows since they are smaller and weaker than males. They can keep a safe distance and still inflict damage.

The second most important thing is for you to get used to running and shooting while in Mouse view. It will take you awhile to get used to this and even longer to master. That is why I say use the dummies (no, not the males in town…the target dummies) to practice. Practice circling, zigzags, etc... The sooner you get used to this the better you will be and males will want to engage you consistently.

If possible, ALWAYS know what type of land you are fighting on. Flat plains, rolling hills, steep cliffs, etc... Using the layout of the land can help you last longer in battle and aid your sister Huntresses. Know spots ahead of time where you may get trapped and do not put yourself in the position where you can be boxed in between the enemy and a natural barrier…walls, water, cliffs, etc...

Panthers are AGGRESSIVE always remember that. Also, know they have survived on instincts
If hunting in pairs or a pack always know where your sister Huntress is. If attacked teamwork will be your best chance for surviving. If your sister is attacked run towards her to draw enemies away. If you are attacked, lure them towards your sister. Communication is almost impossible when fighting, so get to know each other’s tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. If in a pack of three or more, send one out further to lure males back to within the flanking sisters. Some, not all, but some males get so caught up in the chase they cannot see what is going on around them.

If alone and attacked, do not let the males dictate your direction. If need be charge at them shooting just to pass them if they are trying to corner you in or box you in. If it is unavoidable, try to stay close circling behind them until they break off to get space. Alternatively, sometimes if you run behind a small rise they will be charging so fast you can quickly turn and attack them as they come over the top. This small element of surprise may be enough for you to escape….yes escape! Sometimes the old saying “discretion is the better part of valor” is true! If you are fighting and you cap one or two and you see more coming RUN! Do not get over confidant and charge, you are Panthers not Marines! Sometimes even the more “veteran” Panthers seem to forget.

-= TIPS =-
Arrow splash: Every arrow shot has a “splash.” Picture the arrow having a ball 2.5 meters in diameter at its head. When it hits an object anything it that splash radius is hit. So when hiding behind a wall or rock. DO NOT stay right up against them or you could be hit by the splash.
In addition, when shooting at an enemy if possible aim for the ground by their feet. It is an easier target than a moving body or head.
When you are in battle, hide your feet behind natural obstacles…rocks, rises in the land, logs…This will keep you from being hit with splash.
You will notice the more experienced foes do the same thing.

-= RP =-
As stated before, the rules of engagement of Cardonicus apply. But also use the books as your guide to good RP. They are a great source of information and can really help you develop your character here.

Use acceptable RP when interacting with others. When binding do not emote “/me ties you up”. A valid binding MUST have at least three Lines of RP.. I am a slave and here I cannot bind. But when I was in another tribe here is an example of some of the lines I would emote:

/me runs over to the captive as ordered

/me uses her sharpened oyster shells that she uses to scrape hides, to cut strips of the captives clothing to use as binding material

/me first pulls the captives hands behind them and ties them tightly using the best gorean knot she was taught by the Huntress

/me then uses the same binding material and knots to tie the captive’s feet

/me pulls the captives elbows together behind their back and ties them tightly

/me takes out binding fibers and lays them next to the prone girl.. She crosses her ankles and binds them with a capture knot. .she does the same with the wrists

/me then checks the captive from head to toe for weapons using Rep cloth to cover her hands since she is forbidden to touch weapons

/me kicks the weapons into the deep pool of water nearby

The same goes with aiding your sisters…DO NOT just click on them you MUST use at least one line:

/me gives aid to the Huntress, after much crawling, hiding, and dodging of arrows

Killing: Rarely will this tribe kill. Besides the fact it is bad RP, it leads to hard feelings sometimes. And since this is a small tribe compared to others, it would lead to a blood bath.
IF the RP plotline leads to it AND if both parties agree, it must only happen after 30 minutes of RP and character interaction. No “/me takes dagger stabs you in heart. You dead”…leave that to the cowboys and Indians Disney tribes.

All of this being said, the most important thing is to have fun. Relax and enjoy your time here away from RL. You will be nervous the first few times and that is normal. Just remember your training and stay calm and you will be fine.

Once you complete the training and the pledge period, I will be the first to say:
“Greetings Huntress! This one is most happy to see new Huntress!”
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Trainee Manual
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