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 Laws of the tribe (must read for all tribe members!)

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Laws of the tribe (must read for all tribe members!) Empty
PostSubject: Laws of the tribe (must read for all tribe members!)   Laws of the tribe (must read for all tribe members!) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 2:51 pm

~~Tre'sha Jerag Laws~~

Chieftess: Laylah Rives
Se: Jaxon Law
1stbow : Lilou142 Anatine
Elders: Sinda Ella, Conny Bachem, Samantha026 Allen, Dani08 Spyker, Kim Carson

First off, let me make this clear from the start. I tolerate NO drama or bickering amongst tribe members, period. We are a small tribe, a team. We have to work together to survive in the woods.

We are here to RP. This is a mature group of Panthers, we do not accept OOC complaining, bickering or immaturity whether we win or lose. We stay in roleplay. Any problems can be taken to the Admin at a later time if they occur. After several logged complaints for OOC situations, you will be removed from the tribe.

Thats what this tribe is about. Panthers are outlaws. They're free, and look down on slaves. They were NOT Xena Warrior Princess. Panthers worked in a band, because that way they were stronger. They hid and used stealth. We expect you to work together with your tribe sisters.

We want this tribe to succeed. Many tribes have gone before us and failed. Why? because people didnt work together, nor respected eachother. We fiercely believe in respect for eachother, and pride in the tribe, and in the panther role. OOC matters MUST always be handled POLITELY. If you cant resolve it yourselves, go to your elders or en. Do not stay mad or angry.

Panther bands were territorial. The didnt look at other bands as 'sisters'. The Tre'sha Jerag tribe will not ally with another panther tribe/band. Our sisters are our tribe only. If another panther is found and captured within our territory we will ask for trade to hunt here, or we will enslave them and trade for supplies. ie: Weapons, food, medical supplies, furs, paga, trade for a captured sister.

Only legal weapons. Check the sim laws for legal weapons. Panthers used spears and bows, and daggers. Dont bring swords, shields etc. We will not allow it.

Panthers did capture men, and looked at men as potential prey. Panthers looked down on Panther girls that were enslaved.They TRADED slaves mostly. However, we will allow a limited number of tribe slaves.

" I nodded, understanding her. She looked at my men, as a man might have looked upon women.
"Some of these men," she said, "seem interesting. They are strong and handsome. They would look well in the chains of slaves."
She strode to the opening in the stakes, and there turned, again to face me.
"Be warned," said she. "These are the forests of panther girls. Leave them!""
--Hunters of Gor- chapter 6

Do NOT capture people you dont want to RP the capture. If we find people being held or in cages without ongoing rp, they will be released.
If you are forced to capture one (ie. youre attacked) then rob the captive, or humiliate them in a short rp, but do not take them captive.

You will at some point be captured. Captures happen. Accept it, however, do NOT become a capture slut. If youre captured every day this is considered bad, you will be collared and sold. Work with your sisters to remain free.

Captures in Cardonicus are permanent. Roleplay your escape properly, do what you need to do to escape, even if that means submission in an extreme situation. A panther would do what was needed to save her life.

We respect the people around us and in our tribe. That means we will NOT tolerate deliberate swear words or rudeness. We will require you to remain polite at all times...ESPECIALLY towards our 'ennemies'.

Tre'sha Jerag Panthers will not act like brazen sluts. We are Panthers not slaves. Any obvious signs of submissiveness will have you collared and enslaved within the tribe to be sold for trade.

We are not a rest stop for run away slaves looking for Masters. Yes occasionally a Panther will submit for her own reasons. If you do, you will be removed from the tribe and unable to come back without a tribal vote of acceptance. ((This doesn not include rp where you submit to save your life))

We will try everything to be free, even sell our sisters. We do NOT exchange OUR freedom for that of our sisters. Meaning if your sister is captured you would not take her place for her captor to free her. We WANT to be free, we would never put ourselves in that situation.

Panther combat in OUR view is all HIT&RUN:
a. We will not have prolongued battles, were not an army.
b. Move in AND out quickly. Define a clear goal and STICK to that goal.
b. Work in pairs, or small groups.
c. Listen to your elders/more experienced sisters. When they say RETREAT, you retreat.

11. RAIDS:
Panthers did not raid, but...this is SL gor and we like to promote good roleplay for the sim. We may at times go into the city at NIGHT and raid for supplies. Remember always keep this in character. Don't whine and complain if you lose, go along with it, any disputes will be handled by admins. Over aggression is not permitted, meaning you shoot daily with no roleplay in mind, except to shoot and shoot again.
a. Raiding beside or along with men. We do NOT do this. We are panthers.
b. If you ever call a man to aid you, a boyfriend, whatever, we will collar and sell you to him.

You need to be active in order to be in this tribe as we are small and will not go above 20 active members at any given time. As for vacations and sicknesses, please if you can try to inform one of your sisters or your chieftess so that the tribe is aware of your absense.

13. ALTS:
They exist here in sl gor. We don't care if you have them as long as you do not use them to cause trouble or cross characters. They are seperate from your Panther.

You will have to prove their worth to the tribe. We have two skilled trainers. Go to them for help and train We require of you:
a. You will act as a panther, or learn the role quickly.
b. Proof of good RP. Log your best RP's and hand them to a trainer or Elder. Good RP is required.
c. Training on bow. You will have to prove your bow skills. Bad bows will get ALL in trouble.

We will review your progress and if found failing, you will be sent on your way. A few things that can have you removed quickly is OOC whining, bickering, submissivness, drama.
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Laws of the tribe (must read for all tribe members!)
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